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Rhetorical Analysis Essay

This excerpt is from my Rhetorical Analysis Essay about David Papineau’s “Yes, the Players in the World Cup Do Keep Falling Over for No Reason”. Throughout, I will answer questions of rhetorical analysis such as tone, stance, purpose, etc. of this article.

The writer of the article “Yes, the Players in the World Cup Do Keep Falling Over for No Reason”, is David Papineau an English professor of philosophy at King’s College in London. Papineau has many works dating back to 1978, with his most recent work being “The Metaphysics of Sensory Experience” and “Knowing the Score: How Sports Teach Us About Philosophy (and Philosophy About Sports)”. David Papineau can be deemed credible because of his many experiences writing critical analyses on many topics and his degrees from well-known colleges since he graduated from the University of Natal with a BS in mathematics and from the University of Cambridge with a BA and Ph.D. in philosophy.

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