Vivien Leigh (1913–1967), as Blanche Dubois in 'A Streetcar Named Desire ' by Tennessee Williams Alfred Kingsley Lawrence (1893–1975) Victoria and Albert Museum


The first semester of freshman year 2022: Work that I have done for the class FIQWS 10105 would be found here.

Works include:

  • Exploratory Essay
  • Researched Critical Analysis
  • Rhetorical Analysis Essay

Throughout these assignments, I have learned crucial lessons that have helped me become a better writer in my academic works and personal works.

On my Exploratory Essay titled “Not Just a Mythical Mermaid Fairy Tale”, I have learned the course learning outcomes of “developing strategies for reading, drafting, revising, and editing” and “Locate research sources (including academic journal articles, magazine and newspaper articles) in the library’s databases or archives and on the internet and evaluate them for credibility, accuracy, timeliness, and bias“.

This paper has helped strengthen my ability to draft, outline, and revise my essay to make the process more smooth. I can outline what points I want to make clear so when it comes time to my final draft I can get all my points across in a clear concise manner. It has also helped me in revising and editing my work. I am less worried about re-reading my work for any wordy sentences and fixing any grammar I come across because I am confident that I am a strong writer who makes good points and can constantly improve my writing on every paper. I’m less hesitant about going back through my work and not finding it cringy if I find a sentence that doesn’t make sense or is too “basic” to stay in my essay.

 It has also helped me research sources both outside sources and sources found in the City College of New York  Library Database. Having to find articles that fit my specific topic was a bit more challenging than expected. However, using the City College of New York  Library Database I learned how to use tags that connected to my topic such as “the little mermaid” and “trans” to be able to find sources for my article. When I found an article that might work for my essay I will see the chapter’s names and even use Command F to see if articles matched my topic to avoid reading the whole thing which helps make the process faster. Being able to use an outside source article helped me learn about credibility by searching up the author of an article and seeing their other works. This helped me paint a picture that shows the author has some experience with writing about the same or different topics and shows that they know how to discuss a topic they are interested in.

In my Researched Critical Analysis titled “Does the Famous Sleeping Beauty Have Implications of Incest?”, I have learned the course learning outcomes of “practice systematic application of citation conventions” and “develop and engage in the collaborative and social aspects of writing processes“.

When it comes to practiced the systematic application of citation conventions, I have learned how to use and when to use citations correctly.  In a citation, you have to use parentheses, the author’s name, and the page number from the work of the author. Example (Last Name Page Number), I have also learned that in a citation you do not include a comma between the author’s last name and the page number.  I also have to use citations when quoting from the text completely but also when an idea was taken from the article. Even though it is paraphrased, it still needs to be cited. I also have learned to develop and engage in the collaborative and social aspects of the writing processes. I had gotten many revisions and ways to improve my Rhetorical Critical Analysis Essay. By both my professors Pastore and Voisard and two of my peers! They have helped me check my citations, re-do my transitions from paragraphs, and in what order, my essay would better flow. This was useful in my essay since the other people’s views helped picked up on things I wasn’t aware of while looking back on my work.

In the following sections of this website, you will see my development as a writer through the work that I’ve mentioned and other works of my creativity.