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Vivien Leigh (1913–1967), as Blanche Dubois in 'A Streetcar Named Desire ' by Tennessee Williams Alfred Kingsley Lawrence (1893–1975) Victoria and Albert Museum

Journal FIQWS.

These are the eighteen journal entries, reflections on my Exploratory Essay and Researched Critical Analysis Essay, and NFG’s chapters on improving my writing and reading abilities.

Sherlyn Zhicay: Journal FIQWS.

Creative Re-telling Assignment

For this assignment, I retold the story of The Little Red Cap by the Brothers Grimm. In this re-telling, the story isn’t about a wolf trying to eat a girl but instead a friendship between a wolf girl and a girl in overalls and how the divide between humans and wolf-people impacts their friendship.

Sherlyn Zhicay: The Girl in the Overalls

(This re-telling was made as a short comic book, therefore this is only an excerpt and the first draft, as I made this by hand and would not be uploading the whole thing.)